*****BERLIN / DECEMBER 2017 / the invincible loser






i am a loser, and you, you're a loser too. then along comes this day - it makes you invincible. but you're still a loser. the only thing left to do is to make your way to berlin to participate in a workshop with first-rate-loser johannes wieland. be prepared for physical and mental exhaustion, being turned inside out and upside down with improvisation, movement and text.



this workshop is by invitation only [the group is limited to around 15 participants]

date: 27th - 30th december 2017 
time: 10:00am - 2:00pm 
place: eden***** | berlin, germany
regular fee: 240 euro 

early bird: 220 euro [deadline 30th october]

how to apply: send us a short bio, a picture and, if you have one to share, a video link. put everything on one page and email it to the invincible loser office at





we are looking forward to your application!